Who We Are

Pharaon Commercial Investment Group


  • Investment in all financial and economical fields, locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Doing researches and Economic feasibility study of the investments, presenting technical and consultant services for projects and insuring the services.
  • Supporting projects which are being carried out in the company and maximizing their investment to fit surrounding developments.


The company’s strategy primarily depends on the contribution in supporting and developing the local economy, and that what the share of direct local investment refer to.

Pharaon aims to maximize the value of its local investment and variety the investment field through studying and survey many local investment chances.

Pharaon has lately presented a huge budget to invest in industrial field in order to contribute in the rebuilding stage in Syrian Arab Republic.

In order to do so, it trained and qualified big number of local crews and merged them with foreign and Arab crews, by that it confirms that the best invest is on the human being himself.