Pharaon Group

Pharaon Commercial Investment Group 


  • Is an important commercial company which involves different economical sections.
  • It extents geographically along the middle of Asia, Middle Orient, North of Africa, America and Europe.
  • It has more than /6000/ users from different nationalities and specializations.
  • Its business share is more than USD /6/b per year.

  • It is a high performance invest company in international markets, it has various successful activities and events worldwide, and it operates in:   



  • Oil and gas Exploration
  • Oil refining
  • Oil products marketing
  • Shipping
  • Tourism
  • Cement













Pharaon has flourished in cement industry through successful projects involving rehabilitation and developing cement plants and establishing new modern ones, some of Pharaon’s projects are:

  • Atock Plant in Pakistan
  • Beni Saf Plant in Algeria
  • Developing and rehabilitation of production lines in Tartous Cement Company – Syria.
  • Developing and rehabilitation of production lines in Adra Cement Company – Syria.
  • A new /6000 TPD/ production line is being established on BOT basis.
  • A new cement plant is being under constructed in Iraq.


Atock Cement Plant Limited


  • Is a public share company has been listed in Karachi stock market since Jan 2002.
  • ACPL is one of Pharaon’s arms which vary its shares in Pakistan’s market, mainly in properties, power, Gas and oil.

ACPL was initiated IN 1981.

  • ACPL is “PACK”  KSA Company with initial capital of SAR 1.5 b plus USD /45/ m.
  • ACPL is located on about /45/ km south west Karatchi.


  1. Falcon Cement is one of the most important trade names which attract consumers because of its high quality which it is famous for.
  2. Atock Group has the “lion Piece” in the markets of south area.
  3. Various kinds of products.
  • Ordinary Portland cement.
  • Sulfate resistant Portland cement.
  • Slag Portland cement.

Beni Saf Cement Plant / Algeria


Huge Achievements:

When Beni Saf Plant was compared with twelve governmental cement plants (some of these plants are managed by well-known global companies such as Lafarg, Bazzi and Asic ….etc) it was sorted between the best performance plants in terms of electrical and thermal energy.

  • Pharaon experts achieved 85% increase in cement production during one year (from 600,000 to 1,200,000 ton), that makes the plant reaches the highest production score since establishment.
  • Decreasing thermal energy usage to 1,020 kilo calorie/kg of clinker, and decreasing electrical energy usage  to 110  kW/Ton of cement.
  • Increasing the operating earnings to 700%.
  • Increasing production incentives to 700%.
  • Noticed improvement in the environmental conditions like decreasing solid emissions, hygiene and care.


Pharaon’s Projects in Syria

Now, Pharaon is carrying out the followed projects:

  • Project of cement plant rehabilitation and developing 4x1600 TPD which belongs to Tartous Cement Company whose contract was signed in 2008, Pharaon’s works were stopped from 2012 to 2014 because of security problems in Syria, the company restarted its workers in 2014, this project aims to rehabilitate all production lines beside to increasing their production capacity and improving environmental conditions.
  • Project of Adra Cement Plant rehabilitation and developing 3x1000 TPD, the contract was signed in 2014, and the location was receipted in 2018.
  • Project of establishing a new cement plant 1x6000 TPD in Adra according to BOT System.