The Produced Cement Covers the Sixth-Needs of Reconstruction Only

"Expedition of the establishment of modern factories saves us from the control of monopolistic companies"

  "Our production does not exceed five million tons of all the cement factories in Syria, and with the lack of new investments and factories in this field, at present , production is barely enough one-sixth of Syria's annual needs,  which estimates between 30 to 35 million tons during the reconstruction phase, which may extend for ten years .

. This is what was confirmed by Eyad Farousi who is the project manager of the Pharaon Group in Syria, which is carrying out the development work in both cement companies Tartous and Adra .. insisting the importance of expedition  in adaptation the suitable /encouraging  of an environment conducive and encouraging and provide  the facilities to enter new investments and the establishment of modern factories according to the latest technology in the world of cement industry,  which produce large quantity with low costs and can fill the needs of building reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure during the reconstruction phase. Farousi has  warned in his speech to "the Syrian industry news" from falling  under the mercy of monopolistic companies control the prices of this material which cannot be imported  as a result of the delay in the establishment of factories producing cement pointing out to the sensitivity of this material , which cannot be imported only from the countries of the region with logistical problems in the import process and with the inability of Syrian ports to absorb a large quantities and unloading and transporting  within a short period. Farousi cleared out that the development and rehabilitation work of Tartous Cement Company, which are going on  since 2015 till  date, contributed in gradual increase in production quantities after reaching about 50% compared with 2009-2010.

Considering that the extension of the  Supplementary of contract  signed /concluded by the group with Tartous Cement Company will contribute to the restoration of the company's production capacity, which had reached before stopping.

 Farousi has talked about the difficulties of the group's working  in the process of developing the Adra cement factory, which presented by  the lack of technical team and labor to carry out  the maintenance and operation works and he requested the Ministry of Industry and the General Organization for Cement to provide a qualified workers and teams through scarcity and transport/ transfer from cement companies with readiness of group to help /assist in this field .

Farousi warned out  that the existing production lines and energy consumption in large percentages of the process that hinder the process of development of existing cement plants, indicating that it may contribute to increase production at certain rates, but not feasible, noting that the economic feasibility of a modern production line is much higher because its  annual production  reaches up to 2 million tons and with the cost not exceed to the amount of half the power carriers that consume - for example - the three lines in at Adra  Cement Factory.

 "Syrian Industry News Site"


The Produced Cement Covers the Sixth-Needs of Reconstruction Only